Sherwood Glen Beaver Fence Installation

Last year, at about this same time, we found out that we had a problem with the beavers and began to research solutions in order to co-exist peacefully.  While researching, we found Mike Callahan's web site, his DVD and the Beaver Management Forum on Facebook.  Mike and the folks in the forum, povided great feedback.  By July we were ready to implement a solution and I posted this presentation here on the website and on the BMF.   However, just before we were ready to move forward, a family emergency pulled me out of state for almost five months, which resulted in a delay until now.

One part of the silver lining in the family emergency is that it gave us more time to plan. During March, Mike provided additional valuable guidance including a face to face review of our plan. Below is the plan as it exists today.  It differs from the solutions I outlined in the presentation last year, in that it has no flow control.  We feel the fence will do the job, and as Mike pointed out, even if it doesn't our next step could be to put in pond leveling pipes.

In the next few days, we will bring in a back hoe to clear the culverts and level the bottom for the placement of the cage/fence. The fence will protect four, two-foot culvert pipes and have a full bottom.  It will be constructed in two sections on land.  The two sections will be joined and then moved into place in the culvert.   The animated GIF below the fence picture shows the assmebly process.  Below the GIF is an estimated cost of materials (minus truck rental cost to pick up the steel mesh). 




Material Estimates






6 x 10 sheets of 6 gauge, steel mesh (6x6 grid)

$16 ea.

$ 96


5 U-clip green fence post

$7 ea.

$ 63


100 ct. box of Fence Clips (hog rings)

$3 ea.

$   6


Hog ring crimping tool


$ 15